Learn French with eXcent Training ! 


You have a personal project and are willing to develop your French skills, feel at ease and speak your mind to facilitate your arrival and integration in France.

We can help you achieve your goals.

Our classes encourage natural conversation skills, speaking French from the first class, discovering the language, the culture, learning the basics in depth and getting solid grounding on your chosen fields .


  • Online or face to face, 
  • Individual or two-in-a box
  • Eligible to your Personal Training Account (CPF)
  • Certified in accordance with the CEFR European language levels (A1 to C2) with the Bright Language Test 


++++ Use French wisely in a social and professional context : Education, Housing, Shopping, Sport, Technical, Aeronautical, Medical, Finance, HR, Sales

Examples :

Target :  Elementary Level – A1/A2

You are taught Introductions, greetings, basic vocabulary, numbers, basic grammatical points. You learn simple and everyday verbs and get introduced to the French tenses


Listening : you can understand everyday expressions and basic sentences to help you get by in France (shops, restaurants, school, work)

Reading : you can understand simple texts

Speaking : You can use everyday basic expressions and interact in a simple way when the person speaks slowly and clearly. You can introduce yourself and your family, answer and ask simple questions about yourself, your job, your family, and everyday situations


Target : Upper Intermediate level – B2

You are taught more complex tenses  such as subjunctive , past conditional and complex grammar points. Through discussions, listening exercices, you get to know more idioms and complex vocabulary.


Listening : you are able to understand the main ideas of more complex and abstract subjects ( including more specialised fields)

Reading : you are able to read detailed texts from different topics and give viewpoints on current affairs

Speaking : you can use a wide range of vocabulary and speak with a degree of fluency and spontaneity

You can find our programs here ➡ FLE A1 à C1-2021

Contact us for a custom program or for more information: 📧training@excent.fr  ☎05 34 36 15 15


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